Folding and setup can be done with one touch. Folds up neatly for storage.

Space-saving design
UESUGI’s Worktainer enables you to transport a large amount of items, and you can put it away
neatly when not in use.

When storing --- When setting it up

The base plate is made of plastic, which cuts down on noise when using it, as well as when folding and setting it up.
The noise when transporting items is about 87dB with the plastic base plate, as opposed to 92dB with a steel base plate. In addition, the optional silent pipe specification provides even greater noise reduction, down to about 65dB (comparisons are based on company testing). Naturally, the Worktainer can be folded and set up quietly, leading to an improvement of the working environment. A unique feature of the plastic base plate is its light weight for easier operation and increased volume for loading on trucks. Stains can be easily wiped off the Worktainer, sparing concerns over soiling important cargo.

The Worktainer is painted with a double-coating that provides superb
anti-rust performance, and maintains the strength and cleanliness.


The double-coating paint maintains the durability and appearance of the Worktainer providing superb rust-prevention and weathering performance, even in harsh environments. The powder coating provides a strength 10 times higher than a melamine baked finish, resulting in almost no degradation of gloss, even when used outdoors.

Plastic base plate type, Steel base plate type

Plastic base plate specifications
Product number External dimensions
(width x depth x height in mm)
Internal dimensions
(width x depth x height in mm)
Plastic base plate type Steel base plate type
Net weght Loaded weight Net weght Loaded weight
UTP-8060 800x600x1700(1500) 740x545x1450(1250) 36kg 400kg 39.5kg 500kg
UTP-8560 850x600x1700 790x545x1450 37kg 400kg 41kg 500kg
UTP-8565 850x650x1700 790x595x1450 38kg 400kg 42kg 500kg
UTP-9580 950x800x1700 890x745x1450 42.5kg 500kg 48kg 500kg
UTP-1060 1000x600x1700 940x545x1450 39kg 400kg 43kg 500kg
UTP-1065 1000x650x1700 940x595x1450 41kg 400kg 44kg 500kg
UTP-1080 1000x800x1700 940x745x1450 43.5kg 500kg 48.5kg 500kg
UTP-1180 1100x800x1700 1040x745x1450 45.5kg 500kg 51kg 500kg
UTP-11580 1150x800x1700 1090x745x1450 46kg 500kg 53kg 500kg
April, 2013 measurements

Choose from a wide variety of features and sizes, including models equipped with a lock, cool insulation cover, dust-proof cover, etc.
We are ready to provide various types of Worktainer to suit each individual workplace, and we can also take requests for custom-made items. UESUGI’s superb performance and usability are common specifications to all types. Select the functions and sizes that match your particular needs for smoother and more comfortable use.

The steel middle is with a shelf

The steel middle is with a shelf

The middle of plastic is with a shelf

The middle of plastic is with a shelf

Double doors

Double doors type

Double gates

Double gates type

Security cargo

Security cargo type

Category cart

Category cart type

Dust-proof cover

Dust-proof cover type

Cool-insulation cover

Cool-insulation cover type


Plastic Shelf(Loaded weight:100kg)

When assembled, one middle shelf mounted

Six kinds of shelves adapts on various scene.
Preparation for plastic shelf due to many requests from the customers.
[※ The shelf is an option product.]

When stored During assembly, three middle shelf mounted Intermediate shelf lineup of all six

Recommended use temperature: 5〜40℃.
Please do not use it in the strong corrosion environment.
Please do not use if the shelf has some damages or corrosion problems.
Please avoid to store it by outside, because the quality loss.
  Products name Adaptation size (mm) Maximum external dimension(mm) Internal dimension × hsickness of the shelf(mm) Weight(mm)
 (1)  800 width useon 800×600 820×550×64 730×550×(31) 3.7
 (2)  850 width useon 850×600,
870×550×64 780×550×(31) 3.9
 (3)  1000 width useon 1000×600,
1020×550×64 930×550×(31) 4.6
 (4)  950 width useon 950×800 970×700×64 880×700×(31) 5.0
 (5)  1000 width useon 1000×800 1020×700×64 930×700×(31) 5.4
 (6)  1100 width useon 1100×800 1120×700×64 1030×700×(31) 5.8

We also have the steel shelf.


Our technology brings you a cart that moves noiselessly and lightly, and is extremely durable.
Utilizing technology from hand trucks, wheels equipped with high-quality bearings are used for the casters that support the footing of the Worktainer, so as to achieve quiet and smooth transportation and proven reliability. The desired movement functions can be achieved by combining a wide variety of casters: swivel wheels, rigid wheels, with pedal brake, etc.


Swivel caster

WSG-150RB. Swivel caster


Swivel caster / Pedal brake

WSG-150RB-PS. Swivel caster / Pedal brake


Turn lock caster push type

WSTLP-150RB. Turn lock caster push type


Turn lock caster push type / Pedal brake

WSTLP-150RB-PS. Turn lock caster push type / Pedal brake


Turn lock caster draw type

WSG-150RB-PS. Turn lock caster draw type


Turn lock caster draw type / Pedal brake

WSTLD-150RB-PS. Turn lock caster draw type / Pedal brake

Tire Wheel


Black Rubber

150RB Black Rubber


Gray Rubber

150RG Gray Rubber



150UG Urethane

A variety of wheel types are available for different applications.However,wheels may leave marks on or dirty the floor surface,depending on the wheel and/or floor surface material.Please contact us for assistance in selecting wheels,etc.

*Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.